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Chromatic Harmonica


Specialized in chromatic harmonica performance, graduated from King's College and the University of Hong Kong, Choi Wai-hang Harry is an emerging harmonica player from Hong Kong. He is the co-founder of Duo Volce (Harmonica-violin) and RedBricks Harmonica (Harmonica Ensemble). Choi is a frequent winner in international Harmonica Festivals. At aged 17, he grasped the champion in Harmonica Solo Chromatic (Adult) in World Harmonica Festival (WHF) 2009. Partnered with Leo Ho Cheuk-yin, schoolmate of his secondary school, he won back-to-back Harmonica Duo (Adult) Champions in Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival (APHF) 2012 and World Harmonica Festival 2013. Since then, he was cordially invited as the adjudicator of the APHF.

Choi was featured in various prestigious performances, including a solo performance jointly invited by HKSAR and HKHA in Shanghai World Expo. In 2016, appeared as Duo Volce, Choi has performed back-to-back concerts in Hong Kong. In APHF 2016 Taiwan, the group was awarded the Champion of the harmonica original category. Since, Choi was invited as jury of the Seoul International Harmonica Festival (SIHF) every year. Since 2018, Choi’s RedBricks Harmonica successfully performed in a three-day festival of the Hong Kong Sevens (Rugby).

Choi has devoted much time in educating children in Hong Kong, he has successfully held “2020 Harry Choi Students’ Recital” which provides students to learn and observe throughout the concert performance.

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