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Chromatic Harmonica - Violin

The award-winning duo,

formed by two emerging musicians from Hong Kong,

Harry Choi & Kiann Chow.



The award-winning Duo Volce is a chromatic harmonica and violin duo, formed by two emerging musicians from Hong Kong, Harry Choi and Kiann Chow.

In 2013, both were invited to perform in “HARMONICA – Chromatic Harmonica Gig 2013” at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre, HKAPA. The duo was officially named as Duo Volce in 2014. Since then, they have partnered with pianists Henry Shart, Zenan Kwan, Jonathan Law and Johnny Pun, featuring from Classical music, movie themes to Tango music, receiving high reviews on the uniqueness and refreshing playing style of the ensemble.

Duo Volce made its first overseas appearance at the 11th Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival, and the group was awarded the First Prize of the Original category. The group was also honored as the “Young Artists award” in the Youth Arts Festival organized by Hong Kong Playground Association. In 2022, invited by LCSD, “Duo Volce x Zenan Kwan” music production is broadcast at the Guangzhou Opera House as part of the HKSAR 25th Anniversary celebration series. In 2023, invited by the Hong Kong Harmonica Association, the group was featured at LCSD’s ‘18 d ART’ Community Arts Scheme, to promote the possibility and chemistry between the Chromatic Harmonica-Violin duo.

Bartók 44 Duos Challenge!

Bartók 44 Duos Challenge!

All Categories
All Categories

【隔離抗疫系列第一集】Bartók 44 Duos Challenge! 結尾有彩蛋! - Duo Volce

【隔離抗疫系列第二集】Bartók 44 Duos Challenge! 蚊蚊之歌?! - Duo Volce

【隔離抗疫系列第三集】Bartók 44 Duos Challenge! - Duo Volce

【隔離抗疫系列第四集】Bartók 44 Duos Challenge! 難上加難! - Duo Volce

【隔離抗疫系列第五集】Bartók 44 Duos Challenge Set I (Pt.1/2) 豬包出沒注意?! - Duo Volce

【隔離抗疫系列第六集】Bartók 44 Duos Challenge Special Set A - Duo Volce

【隔離抗疫系列第七集】調音之謎?!Bartók 44 Duos Challenge Special Set B - Duo Volce

【隔離抗疫系列最終回】完成啦!Bartók 44 Duos Challenge Set I (Pt.2/2) - Duo Volce

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